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Pleasant Hill, MO | Cass County


February 9, 2012

All this school does is play favorites, put our children at risk and discourage actual learning in any way, shape or form. My child is an A student, good in sports, & his coach treats him like he isn't even there. He hasn't been in trouble either! If I knew then what I knew now, we would have moved to Blue Springs, or Lee's Summit!

Submitted by a parent

February 3, 2012

Sent an email to the superintendent in November 2011, followed up with a call He never returned my email or call. Fights last week three(3) in one day in the PHHS. PHHS is really out of control! We as parents see you! A Superintendent does not reply to calls or emails. Gives the feeling of leave me alone! I don't care! Just here to collect my check get out of my way. We see you will slink into athletic events will not speak to anyone there.......no smile ........no air of professionalism........felt like following up on my email and calls........wanted to see how all individuals around you acted and how you treated others ........NOT good on either end! Mr. Superintendent we want a NEW one! A new one of you that actually cares about the students! Getting the fighters out of the school! Put a principal in that actually interacts and is present! Though from what we see you are leading your principals by example! YOU don t care! so YOUR principals do NOT CARE! PARENTS ARE UPSET AND WATCHING TO SEE IF YOU FINALLY IMPLEMENT SOME GOOD CHANGES! More parents are being told off daily by your highschool principal! NOT GOOD! WE NEED CHANGE! AT PHHS!

Submitted by a parent

February 3, 2012

We have complained to the principal regarding the substitute teachers not realizing that the quality would go so far south by doing so. The subs at PHHS in the past would at least teach & monitor the students. Now the same subs called weekly don t care anymore. An example of this year 2012 as recent as this week are the substitute teachers bringing in books/novels. They do not monitor the students in the classrooms; they do not care what the students do! This week many students watched as several students completed a very bad activity in the middle of the classroom. This was completed in a class that the substitute did not catch as they would not look up from their book. Call new subs that teach The ones you call daily are not working, (literally!) A few of your regular subs let the students in the classrooms do really bad things! WHILE THE CAT IS AWAY THE MICE PLAY (Administrators go look!) Get into the classrooms and start watching! If you walk in and see all the sub is doing is reading, will you found the PROBLEM! & let them stay home and read! Classrooms are for teaching and learning not to be a riot full of bad activities while the subs sit and read the latest novel.

Submitted by a parent

January 14, 2012

Really perplexing how so many parents are in an up`roar and the superintendent(also known as a chief school administrator in many states) has two (2) assistant superintendants and little to no raises are handed out? Where is the money going? The superintendant and his many assistants need to go! Time for new administrators! Pleasant Hill Schools are in need of help! badly!

Submitted by a teacher

December 8, 2011

At Pleasant Hill Missouri High School: They currently have poor classroom control. They act unprofessionally! Stay smart do not come to Pleasant Hill High School. Really bad students are given a mild ISS and still continue to hurt others. Lack of OSS (out of school suspensions) here. You can attempt to tell the school administration office. YOU can HIT A WALL! thats more productive! As they ignore you over and over!

Submitted by a parent

July 31, 2010

I have only lived in Pleasant Hill school district for four years. The people here have been here, going to school here, with the same freinds since kidnergarten, it was hard to make fit in as a new kid. The school and town is big into its sports teams and band. They are very commpetive and if you are just starting out it is hard to get any game time. I have been involved in debate which has been great (a great teacher runs it). The students are "cliquey" and "hicky". There is not much else to do as far as clubs or extracurricular activities besides sports, band, AG, or choir. The teachersand staff are GREAT!! I have gotten a great education here.

Submitted by a student

January 8, 2008

It's the best school I have ever seen.

Submitted by a student

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