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California Trail Middle School8

Olathe, KS | Johnson County


February 24, 2011

California Trail is a GREAT school! I love my teachers, principal, and the school in general. There are many extra-curriculars, including sports, clubs, and more. I know lots of people think we're the rich/stuck up people, but we're not. In fact, I am a new sixth grade student, and came from a school outside the district. I didn't know ANYONE. But everybody was welcoming. CT is wonderful!

September 23, 2010

CT is a great school! The teachers are funny and they're awesome. I don't like how the district changed from junior highs to middle schools though because the 6th graders don't fit in too well here. Last year was the last year they had 7-9th grade. I was a 7th grader and the sevvies and the freshmen are best friends. The 8th graders just kinda floated there :) Well anyways, last year we didn't do well on football but we had a great basketball team (8th grade girls city champs!) cross country beasts, and our school is amazing at track! Last year 7th grade girls were undefeated city champs :) Yes there are stereotypes at this school but every junior high in Olathe has a "label" CT is the 'Asian' school and I don't why it's also the "rich" school just because we're by Overland Park. well anyways CT's great!

October 21, 2006

This school is great! The academic programs are outstanding! they start preparing you for college in 8th and 9th grade! You learn so much and the average GPA for this school is very high. They offer alot of extracurricular activities so everyone can find something to participate in. Thier Sports teams,music programs, and Cheerleading and drill teams are among the best in the state! The parents are always very involved, the only thing I didn't like about this school was that people are very 'Clique-y' so because I was a new student making new friends was difficult-but it wasn't impossible! People there are also looked upon by other schools students as 'stuck up' or 'rich', but they don't realize that that is only half the school.

Submitted by a student

September 20, 2006

This is by far the best olathe District school I have ever been to. the Athletics Excel in almost all sports, the coaches: fabulous. Students call this school 'the rich school' but it's all wrong. Just because we have a very nice school doesn't mean its the rich school.

Submitted by a student

July 1, 2006

California Trail is no doubt one of the best junior high schools in the state in almost every category. The sports teams excel in competitions and have received numerous city titles. The band and orchestra programs are among the best in the entire state due to the dedication of students and the support of the staff. California Trail is located in a very wealthy sector in Olathe which is one of the reasons why their students excel in almost every area. For the most part, the teachers make it a policy to teach students to the best of their ability and make sure students understand the material. California Trail has a wonderful, well-maintained facility with a wide range of technology which is incredibly rare in a public school. Very, very few public junior high schools in the US are able to achieve the success that CT has been able to exceed.

Submitted by a former student

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