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Cedar Hills Elementary School9

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November 14, 2013

I have been a parent at Cedar Hills for the past 10yrs and cannot say one bad thing! The teachers and staff are amazing, caring and intelligent. I feel strongly that the comments made in a previous post were made by a parent who is not very well informed and was out of touch with CHE.For ex. they have a PTO not PTA and without these parent volunteers, many student activities would not happen. For the past 10yrs I have watched the school grow from being a good school to a great school! The majority of the teachers there now, were there when the school opened! Very low turnover! When I was enrolling my k-gartner before the school was completely built I spoke with the principal and was impressed by his goals for CHE.He shared that his passion was the Special Needs program and wanting to bring the school into the technology world.As a parent of a sp.nds child I was comforted by his words and throughout their 6 years there, I was never disappointed in their education.I am also proud to say that the technology there is top notch and admired by many who do not attend our school.In 2 years I will have graduated 3 children from there and could never imagine them attending any other school!

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February 6, 2013

I am thankful that my kids no longer attend this school. There was a lot of bullying that was swept under the carpet and ignored in addition to the blame the victim mentality. The PTA and parent groups did include some of the "mean mom" clique and it was very uncomfortable for a lot of parents and children. There was a definite facade that everything was great, so you had to be bright enough or interested enough to look past the facade and see the reality. I looked and still missed some very sad occurrences that I heard about later. Those parents definitely felt that there was an attitude of the perfect "facade" is more important than the hurt "child". Although there are some really good teachers, this school also has had a lot of teacher turnover and a lot of inexperienced teachers (therefore the low mark). The impact of teachers is so far reaching. On one of the school nights where kids go back and see all their teachers, both my kids were like "none of the teachers we had are still here." The teacher turnover is way too high when grade school kids recognize it. The school did offer some really good electives that I was very pleased with and my children enjoyed.

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March 19, 2012

This is an incredible school. From the moment you walk up to the building listening to the classical music that is piped in through the hallways, to the excellent leadership from the principal to the highly dedicated and professional teachers. There are a LOT of parent volunteers at this school which is also a great resource, but because the families that attend this school tend to have a lot of financial resources, be prepared for things like carnival, classroom parties, teacher gifts, etc. to be a little over the top. If you can get over the excess of some of the parents, this is a great place.

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August 4, 2008

That school is where we live in our house. We reviewed the different schools as we wanted the best for our kids, and this school was clearly the answer. I am a doctor, and specialize in child development, and obviously wanted the best for my kids, and this school beats every single standard we were looking for....

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May 30, 2008

I feel very connected to this school. There is a great sense of pride that extends far beyond the principal and staff, it overflows into the parents. It is great to be able to volunteer and be appreciated for the time that is volunteered. I am glad they have classes that not every school offers, Spanish, Music, Strings and Art. I am very impressed with this school.

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May 7, 2008

One of the best educational experiences my child has had where in this area there is little to no diversity. We felt connected with the teacher, she cared about my child, and we were very happy with the Principal. Excellent school, and NEW!

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September 19, 2007

My son is a 5th grade student at Cedar Hills Elementary. He is a very bright boy but always struggled with his focus in class. Teachers would try to reach out to him but would ultimately get frustrated and he would receive less than satisfactory comments from his teachers. However this year is something special happened. A new teacher by the name of Ms. Daniels became his teacher. In the past I know my son has been more than a handful for most teachers, and as a result his enthusiasm for class has been low. I don't know what kind of personal attention she might give him but it is definitely something special because know my son comes how and eagerly talks about class that day, and is actually excited (believe it or not!) to go to school the next day. Thank you Ms.Daniels and thank you Cedar Hills for caring!

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May 25, 2007

I believe that Cedar Hills has made remarkable progress since opening in 04/05. The Specials are a great way to rotate the kids through what are known as 'electives' once they get older. PE for lower level grades is twice weekly and Coach Enge is great - all the kids like him a great deal. Parent can be as involved or non-involved as they wish at CHE. There are many opportunities (Class moms, DadsOfGreatStudents, etc)

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